Paediatric First Aid courses are aimed at those working with children and/or infants. This includes babysitters, childminders, nannies, child carers, Nursery and School staff.

The type of course you will need is dictated by your role and any governing bodies that cover your organisation. As of 3rd April 2017, maintained schools, non-maintained schools, independent schools, all providers on the Early Years Register and all providers registered with an early years childminder agency must comply with the latest Statutory framework as detailed here:

The Statutory Framework (opens in a new tab). Paragraph 3.25 is the main paragraph listing the requirements with Annex A detailing the criteria for effective First Aid Training (in other words, the course syllabi).

Ladybird First Aid delivers both the 6-hour Emergency Paediatric First Aid (EPFA) and the Ofsted-compliant 12-hour Paediatric First Aid course (PFA).

Paediatric First Aid

This is a 2-day (12 hour) course for anyone looking after children and needs the OFSTED compliant Paediatric course.

It can be completed as 12 hours in the classroom, however Ladybird also offers a blended version where you complete 6 hours online, then 6 hours in the classroom. This drastically cuts down the time away from the workplace as the online part can be completed during quiet moments and may be stopped and started at will.

Paediatric First Aid course syllabus

To book onto a course, find the nearest on on our course Calendar.

If you would like to book a Private class at your home or similar location, do get in touch with Ladybird to chat further. Private classes can be run for 1 or more people on a mutually acceptable date.