What are my options if I or a family member gets hurt or falls ill during the Coronavirus epidemic?

Although Hospital wards are busy, I’m hearing that Accident and Emergency departments are actually quieter than normal as people think twice about rocking up. Hopefully that will continue after the lockdown as a lot of reasons that people are there are trivial and neither accidents nor emergencies and can be self-treated, but still take up staff time and delay treatment for others.

What to do if you do have an accident at home at the moment, then?

Clearly for anything (potentially) life-threatening you should still be dialling 999. Ambulance crews have the protective equipment to visit you and make an assessment as safely as they can.

What if I suspect Coronavirus Covid-19?

If you suspect that you might have Coronavirus, do not go to hospital, your GP or pharmacist. Instead start here:


OK, so I have had an accident or have a medical problem

If you don’t think an ambulance is necessary, try the NHS website – https://111.nhs.uk/ – or dial 111.

The website is preferable as 111 Operators can be busy and you may be on hold for a while, but don’t hesitate to use it. Just be prepared to wait.

If you can self-treat at home, so much the better. First Aid courses will give you those skills, but clearly we are not running these face to face at the moment. We have, however, sourced an online Family First Aid course that you can take. Online courses will never replace the experience of actual practice, but for now are much better than not knowing what to do at all.

Normally this is about £25 + vat, but at the moment it is totally free to take the course (there is a small fee if you want the Certificate after completion, but you do not need to pay it)

For more information on the course (as well as other free courses), take a look here:


Obviously, if you would like to participate in a face to face class – either as a private booking or by joining a public course, do get in touch with Ladybird or sign up to our Newsletter.

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