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Have you thought about taking an online course (not just First Aid)?

Historically courses have been classroom-based. Distance learning was better known as a correspondence course and involved a lot of postage stamps.

The Open University was (and still is) a big pioneer of distance learning, students taking classes and writing essays at home, just gathering for a week or so during normal University holidays to meet face to face.

Practical classes (such as First Aid) are tricky to run as online courses. Accredited First Aid courses, especially, cannot be wholly online as there is an element of practical work and face to face assessment that is not allowed to be carried out remotely. There are, however, some lower level classes such as refreshers and family First Aid courses that are available online.

You can also get what are called ‘blended’ First Aid courses where there is a mixture of classroom-based and online elements. This reduces the hours needed in the classroom (and therefore the absence from work). Once the online part is complete, the classroom may be attended to finish off.

Ladybird runs these classes as an option for its paediatric courses.

Completely online courses

Thanks to the Internet you can learn virtually anything online, not just First Aid. Online Courses Ninja lists everything from breadmaking to sign language to spraytanning. It is a low cost way of looking into whether a passing interest in a subject could lead to further career progression, or just to pick up a new skill.

Some examples:

If you have some time on your hands (and during this lockdown, why not occupy yourself productively) then take a look at the 500+ courses available.

Online Courses Ninja
Online Courses Ninja

If you do sign up to a class, do let us know in the comments below which one it was and how you got on with it.

Disclaimer. Online Courses Ninja is owned by the owners of Ladybird and will receive a small commission should you sign up to a class.

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