Ladybird First Aid runs paediatric First Aid courses across Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Bucks.

Our popular 2 hour Baby and Child classes are attended by parents, parents-to-be, grandparents and babysitters etc.

Due to an increase in demand we are looking for one or two Freelance First Aid trainers to help us deliver these courses. You will be paid per course plus commission on sales and any referrals made for further courses (that go ahead).

You would need to be enthusiastic about Paediatric First Aid and have a paediatric background, whether medical or teaching. You would need to be prepared to work during evenings and weekends (as well as weekdays) since that is when the majority of the classes take place.

Ideally you should have a recognised Teaching/Assessing qualification as well as a Paediatric First Aid qualification but do talk to us if you think you should be considered for other reasons.

There is also the opportunity to deliver our 6 and 12 hour paediatric courses if you wish (full qualifications definitely required).

Get in touch through the Contact Form.